Norfolk Developers Conference

26th – 28th February 2020

nor(DEV):con is back in 2020. The eastern region's biggest tech conference returns in February with a fantastic line-up of speakers and workshops.

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  • Chris O'Dell
    Chris O'DellBackend Engineer at Monzo

    Between 2012 and 2014, Chris led the API team at 7digital – a leading provider of music streaming services worldwide. After that, she spent 3 years at Just Eat in both the Payments and Platform Engineering teams. She now works at Monzo, helping to transform the banking world.

  • Dr. Gail Ollis
    Dr. Gail OllisResearcher and Lecturer at Bournemouth University

    Cyberpsychology is my accidental second career. I was a commercial software developer for two decades and became so obsessed with the human aspects of the job that I took a psychology degree to investigate further. In 2019 I finally completed my PhD research in psychology of software development. Throughout my studies I worked as an academic, lecturing in both programming and cyberpsychology. Now I am moving on to research in cyber security, applying my rare interdisciplinary combination of psychology knowledge and practical programming experience.

  • Jennifer Wadella
    Jennifer WadellaLead Angular Developer at Bitovi

    Often described as a force of nature, Jennifer is a JavaScript developer, speaker, foodie, fitness geek, and community organizer most well known for her work creating innovative and highly sought-after programs for women in technology.

  • Karen Poulter
    Karen Poulter Head of IT Development and Architecture

    Previously having been Head of IT at Stansted Airport and Acting IT Director of Suffolk Police Karen has worked across a variety of industries both private and public sector.


    1. Main Auditorium (Track 1)
    2. Conference Room 1 (Track 2)
    3. Conference Room 2 (Track 3)
    4. Board Room (Track 4)
    5. Training Room 1
    1. 27th February
    2. 12:30

      1. Developer Experience (Opening Keynote)

        Chris O'Dell

    3. 13:30

      1. Break

    4. 13:45

      1. TBC

      2. TBC

      3. TBC

      4. A Mouthful of C++

        Jez Higgins

      5. Hubs: An Organizational Construct for Scaling Agile Development

        Jim Coplien

    5. 14:30

      1. Building next generation web apps with Blazor

        Chris Sainty

      2. TBC

      3. Healthy code, Happy people (an Introduction to Elm)

        Katja Mordaunt

      4. A Mouthful of C++

        Jez Higgins

      5. TBC

    6. 15:15

      1. TBC

        Jon Skeet

      2. TBC

      3. TBC

      4. A Mouthful of C++

        Jez Higgins

      5. TBC

        John Nicholson

    7. 16:00

      1. Break

    8. 16:15

      1. "Humaning" (Closing Keynote)

        Dr. Gail Ollis

    9. 17:15

      1. Break

    10. 17:30

      1. nor(DEV) Conference Special

    11. 28th February
    12. 09:30

      1. It's Not Me, It's You: When Change Gets Personal (Opening Keynote)

        Karen Poulter

    13. 10:30

      1. Break

    14. 10:45

      1. TBC

        Jon Skeet

      2. TBC

      3. Rustaceans are not members of a Cargo cult

        Russel Winder

      4. TBC

      5. How to build & manage high performing teams

        Jim Marshall

    15. 11:30

      1. Why I Was Bad At Sketchbooks: Imposter Syndrome And Letting Go Of Perfection.

        Charli Vince

      2. TBC

      3. Nice words butter, but no parsnip; or how to use game theory to understand company politics

        Dani Papamaximou

      4. TBC

      5. Sync Norwich

    16. 12:15

      1. Lunch

    17. 13:30

      1. The Story of The Code

        Dom Davis

      2. SearchNorwich Session

        Mark Williams-Cook

      3. The trygve programming language: Real Object-Oriented Programming

        Jim Coplien

      4. Computer Vision coding workshop

        Federica Freddi

      5. What’s the point of being mentored?

        Brian Bush

    18. 14:15

      1. TBC

      2. SearchNorwich Session

        Dan Taylor

      3. AWS

      4. Computer Vision coding workshop

        Federica Freddi

      5. Tech contracts: what could possibly go wrong?!

        Paul Palik

    19. 15:00

      1. Break

    20. 15:15

      1. Better mental health and wellbeing literacy for developers

        Nicholas Walsh

      2. TBC

      3. Concurency in Go

        Dom Davis

      4. Search Norwich Workshop

        Kiera Lavington

      5. How to get 33% of your software development costs back with R&D tax credits

        Adam McCann

    21. 16:00

      1. The Politics of Tool Shaming

        James Seconde

      2. TBC

      3. How to become an AI-driven enterprise

        Adrian Pickering

      4. Search Norwich Workshop

        Kiera Lavington

      5. How to manage a data breach

        Kitty Rosser

    22. 16:45

      1. Break

    23. 17:00

      1. Sponsor Presentation

    24. 17:30

      1. When Did We Become Afraid to Try? (Closing Keynote)

        Jennifer Wadella

    25. 18:00

      1. Wine Reception

    26. 19:00

      1. Conference Dinner


    Take full advantage of your visit by attending one of our workshops run by a group of experienced speakers and trainers.

    We'll be exploring topics like shaping business ideas, problem management methodologies and accounting for contractors.

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    The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH

    The King's Centre is a quality conference venue in the centre of Norwich, offering 14 different rooms available to hire to suit your event; from 6 people to 650.

    • The Kings Centre's Main Conference Auditorium
    • The Kings Centre's Training Room
    • The Kings Centre Conference Room 1
    • The Kings Centre Conference Room 2
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    • Train Station

      An image of Train Station

      With good connections across East Anglia, and the UK. The historic Norwich Train Station provides good access.

      0.6miles from the venue

    • Premier Inn

      An image of Premier Inn

      Located on Duke Street, close to the river. The Premier Inn offers an affordable stay.

      0.5miles from the venue

    • Maids Head

      An image of Maids Head

      Located within Tombland and nextdoor to the Cathedral. The Maids Head Hotel is an award winning, AA 4 Star hotel. Known to be the oldest in the UK.

      0.4miles from the venue

    • Travelodge

      An image of Travelodge

      Comfy king size beds with four plump pillows and a cosy duvet. An on-site restaurant and bar serves breakfast and tasty evening meals.

      0.5miles from the venue


    The Norfolk Developers Conference wouldn't be possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors. We're really grateful for their trust and support; and are proud to feature them below.

    Want to join our community of Sponsors? We stil have a range of sponsorship packages available.

    1. IJYI


      IJYI employs a dedicated, talented and creative team of Developers, Quality Analysts, Project Managers, Architects, Trainers, DevOps consultants, Business Analysts and Agile Coaches who all work hard to help clients achieve the best possible outcomes for a range of complex IT projects.

    2. Naked Element


      Technology solutions for innovative businesses.

    3. FXHome


      We believe in creativity, and making powerful tools accessible to everyone. What started as a big idea on a little budget, has grown to a global movement. Our software powers countless creative projects worldwide.

    4. Lovewell Blake


      Specialist teams at Lovewell Blake comprise experienced and highly qualified experts in all areas of accountancy, business advice and financial planning. We help our business clients to grow and our private clients to prosper, by providing sound business advice and a comprehensive range of support services across our 8 office in East Anglia. We specialise in the tech sector and continuously support innovation in our local community.

    5. BreakwaterIT


      Providing cost-effective IT support, IT services and IT solutions which work together to power your business.

    6. InfoQ


      Senior software developers rely on the InfoQ community to keep ahead of the adoption curve.

    7. SomewhereRandom


      Somewhere Random, IT consultancy without the BS

    8. Norfolk County Council

      Conference Dinner

      A partnership between the Economic Development & Strategy department and the Department for International Trade. The Norfolk County Council are driven towards innovation in our Technical Sector.